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Save Money
Improve Windows Performance and Reduce Cooling Cost

Be Green
Decrease Environmental Emissions and Carbon Foot Print

Block the Heat
Nano Ceramic Technology Provides Maximum Heat Rejection

Maintain the Vision
Clear Vision and Low Reflectivity Is Excellent for Day Lighting

Protect Furnishings
99% UV Rejection, the Leading Cause of Fading

Increase Safety
Helps Hold Shattered Glass Together

Withstand the Elements
Manufacturer Backed Warranty. Dual Pane Safe. Dye Free and Metal Free.

Will Not Fade or Corrode.
Windows provide us with healthy natural day light and views of our world but they are often inefficient in today’s reality of rising energy prices.

Excessive solar heat pouring through your windows can account for up to 40% of your summer cooling bill. Stopping the heat at the point of entry with solar window film creates a cooler and more comfortable environment while reducing cooling cost.
Solar Window Film
Geoshield window films allow homeowners and businesses to enjoy their existing windows, light and views while saving money on utility bills especially during hours of peak demand.

The lower overall energy consumption resulting from Geoshield non ceramic window tint products decreases the demand for new CO2-producing power facilities, in turn resulting in decreased emissions and a smaller overall carbon footprint.
By retrofitting your windows with Geoshield wholesale window tint film, you are also helping the environment by keeping your old glass and windows out of the landfills at a fraction of the cost of new windows.
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